Month: January 2016

Safe City Metro Manila programme

With more than 3 million inhabitants, Quezon City is one of the most populous of the 16 cities and 1 municipality that make up Metropolitan Manila. It also has one of the largest percentages of urban poverty and most informal settler families and sexual harassment is prevalent.  Quezon, along with cities like New York and Cairo, joined this year UN Women’s Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Initiative.

The Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program

In 1938, Zonta International established the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program, in honor of famed aviatrix and legendary Zontian Amelia Earhart, to encourage more women to pursue advanced studies and careers in the traditionally male-dominated fields of aerospace- related sciences and engineering. Thee Fellowship enables talented women, pursuing advanced studies in aerospace- related sciences and aerospace-related engineering, to invest in state-of-the-art… Read more →

Remembering Zontian Amelia Earhart

To Amelia Earhart Earthbound, we watched, enthralled, As unafraid you climbed the cloud-strewn sky; Your flight a symbol of that great heart That dared apathy and prejudice defy. “Own your soul!” your voice rings clear. So gaily began your last long flight. Circling the globe, Electra’s gallant crew Through wind and fog, missed finding Howland light. For us, AE you’ll… Read more →