Day 3 Women and Poverty

  • Particular groups of women and girls, including those living in poverty, face multiple forms of discrimination, and are exposed to increased risks of violence.
  • Women and girls living in poverty often face a higher risk of abuse, have few avenues of escape, and find it more difficult to access healthcare, police, legal and social services.
  • The recent financial crisis and austerity measures have resulted in cutbacks in infrastructures, including health services for women and girls subjected to violence, while rendering them more vulnerable to exploitation and violence.
  • Women living in poverty, who experience violence, are less able and more restricted from reporting violence to the authorities and seeking support services as they have limited access to these services, which may require out-of pocket contributions.
  • Women living in poverty who are victim of domestic violence/intimate partner violence have limited options to leave violent relationships due to lack of income or resources.
  • Women and girls living in poverty are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation including trafficking.